How hard should I “draw” on a Lu-C?

The Lu-C e-cigarette is not a “vape” and is designed to give the user a full flavor experience on a more relaxed, normal cigarette “draw" level.  A “vape” unit is intended to supply a massive amount of e-juice to the user with each inhale and is engineered to accommodate a strong “draw”.  An excessively strong “draw” on a Lu-C will result in less flavor and may actually pull some liquid through the cartomizer… Yuk.


How should I store my Lu-C cartomizers?

At Lu-C, the quality of our flavors and your smoking experience is paramount. We think the best advice is to think of a Lu-C cartomizer in the same way as you think of a perishable food product. The Lu-C cartomizers, that are unopened, are best stored in a cool place such as a refrigerator. Exposure to elevated temperatures can quickly degrade the flavors, especially the tobacco flavors which contain many volatile compounds. Excessive heat can also decrease the viscosity of the flavor liquid and possibly allow some to leak through the heating element wick. Opened cartomizers should have, at the minimum, the top cap kept on it when not in regular use and be stored in an upright position. It is also advantageous to keep the cartomizers out of direct sunlight as this can also damage the delicate flavor chemistry. The Lu-C charging case is ideal to keep opened cartomizers in when you are rotating flavors regularly


What should I do about a leaking Lu-C cartomizer?

Sometimes cartomizers have issues due to storage conditions but they also can have issues due to shipping damage. Lu-C cartomizers are shipped all over the world and in doing so they are sometimes exposed to excessive environmental or physical stresses that can cause them to leak before they reach the customer. At Lu-C we stand behind our products 100%, so simply ship the cartomizers back to us and we will happily replace them for you.


What should I do about a “burnt” taste when drawing?

Sometimes a flavor cartomizer can have issues as previously mentioned. One of those problems is when the flavor liquid can’t flow fast enough to the wick/coil and the result is an under-saturated wick/coil which can produce a mild “burnt” taste when “drawing” on the cartomizer. A common cause of this is that the user is “drawing” on the cartomizer too hard. A more relaxed “draw” often alleviates the problem. Also, the flavor liquid may be too cold and needs to warm up to flow properly. If these solutions don’t seem to work, it could be a physically damaged or defective cartomizer. At Lu-C we stand behind our products 100%, so simply ship the cartomizers back to us and we will happily replace them for you.


Why is the product called ‘Lu-C”?

The name “Lu-C” is a play on the urban term “loosy” which refers to a single cigarette, which is often purchased at a convenience store, in lieu of the expense of purchasing an entire cigarette pack.  We wanted the name to be relatable to smokers and to reflect the cost savings of using our products.


What is the “shelf life” of a Lu-C cartomizer?

Environmental variables, especially temperature, have a significant impact on product “shelf life”.  Under average conditions, the sealed, unopened cartomizers have a recommended “shelf life” of about 6 months.  Opened cartomizers have a recommended “shelf life” of about 1-2 days for the tobacco flavors (similar to a real tobacco cigarette - some of the flavors will actually evaporate into the air, especially menthol) and about a week for all others.


Does Lu-C contain nicotine precursors?

In a tobacco plant, the nicotine is formed by the natural metabolism of the plant. This process is not a single step, but a number of steps starting from specific compounds and ending with the chemical we know as nicotine, which the plant utilizes as a natural insecticide. Some of these starting compounds, known as “precursors” are known carcinogens and should be avoided, but are intrinsic to the plant and difficult to omit with standard tobacco flavor extraction processes. The Masterblend labs have eliminated nicotine precursors in our formulations, including the tobacco flavors.


Is Lu-C prone to the battery issues that are in the news regarding “vapes”/e-cigarettes?

The battery issues that have been getting some press recently are almost exclusively the result of improper charging of batteries.  This can be caused by using an inappropriate charger or even overcharging/undercharging the battery.  Due to its unique design, the Lu-C battery can ONLY be charged in the Lu-C charging case.  Also, the charging case is microprocessor controlled to prevent charging problems that could lead to battery issues.


My Lu-C charging pack doesn’t seem to be charging my phone?

You must plug the cable into the Lu-C charging pack’s USB port first, then plug the cord into the phone.  This is required by the Lu-C charging pack’s microprocessor in order for it to protect the battery from damage.


How does Lu-C calculate the equivalent packs of cigarettes in a cartomizer?

Our research has shown that the average smoker takes about seven “draws” from an individual cigarette.  We have formulated Lu-C to provide the same satisfaction in about seven draws on a Lu-C and simply extrapolated from there.  It is important to note that everyone takes a different “draw” and has a different satisfaction level, so the numbers are approximations.


Should the battery always be stored in the charger?

The Lu-C charging case is microprocessor controlled in order to keep the battery at an optimal level, so the battery is best stored in the charging case between uses.  However, the batteries are very high quality and hold their charge very well, so it is perfectly acceptable to keep the battery/cartomizer out of the charging case until you feel the battery needs another charge.  As well, you can always purchase an extra battery and rotate their charging.


How do I properly exchange the cartomizers on the battery?

The cartomizers simply “snap” onto the battery in a firm, straight, “plug in” motion.  Do not try to “screw on” the battery as that will damage the electrical connections and possibly ruin the battery.  Luckily, we will replace it if you happen to accidentally do so.


Is the glowing red end of the battery supposed to be hot?

No, the glowing red end of the battery is not hot, but it is pretty “cool”.  It is designed as an indicator of the unit functioning correctly by mimicking the hot glow of a real cigarette during a “draw”.  It also signals battery problems through “blinking”.  See the user manual for details.


Are there more MasterBlend flavors on the way?

The MasterBland labs are obsessed with flavor and are constantly working on new flavors and technology that we can bring to our customers.  Those involved in the “Share the Wealth” program will be notified of new or limited option flavors before they are offered on the public web site or at retail stores.  Also, we encourage suggestions for new flavors.  Send us your idea and we just might go with it!


Can I get the charging case in a different color?

Currently, we do not offer any other color choices for either the charging case, the battery, or the cartomizers, but we are considering making some options available in the near future.  How does a brushed aluminum charging case sound?  Maybe a black battery and/or cartomizer?  Let us know what you think.



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