Synthetic Nicotine FAQ’s


Why Synthetic Nicotine?

Natural nicotine is extracted from a tobacco plant. The tobacco plant has many cancer-causing compounds within it. These compounds can't always be removed. Nitrosamines are a common carcinogen in tobacco. As well, big tobacco made smoking ugly. They soaked cigarettes in carcinogens and then told you it's good for you. We decided to produce synthetic nicotine in 2015 and perfected asymmetric synthesis in 2018. What this means is we can make nicotine from natural and artificial substances without the tobacco plant. Synthetic nicotine is not new today but nearly all of them use variations of old, expensive technology developed in the 1940s and it's subsequent purification is expensive. Synthetic nicotine produced via old methods generally cost upwards of $2000/kg. We saw this as a huge barrier and therefore worked on an asymmetric synthesis method that can produce S-nicotine with a low amount of R-nicotine (they less active isomer).


What is your synthetic nicotine ratio like?

In nature, enzymes aid the tobacco plant in producing mostly S-nicotine and only a small percentage 0.7% or less is R-nicotine. Our process involves a catalyst which allows us to make 98.3% S-nicotine and 1.7% R-nicotine. Since the amount of R-nicotine is so low, we do not have to purify it. You will not notice any difference if you compare our nicotine with natural nicotine.


How does it taste?

Our synthetic nicotine is virtually tasteless. We immediately convert the synthetic nicotine to various salts to keep it from oxidizing, thereby extending its shelf life. Nicotine exists in the tobacco plant mostly in salt forms: over 120 of them!


Synthetic Nicotine Salts?

This is by far the most important part of our research. Feel and effect from nicotine is attenuated and enhanced when in salt forms. Some salts make the vape smoother, others give a specific throat hit while others enhance the feeling. Some salts cause a rapid feeling while others are slower. Natural freebase nicotine is not as readily absorbed as salts. For years we have analyzed burley, virginia and turkish tobacco. From methods we developed internally we were able to figure out what nicotine salts exist int he plant. We then went further to determine their actual ratios with one another. We then began producing a mix of 32 nicotine salts consistent with what is in a tobacco leaf: Virginia to be specific. This affords you the same experience you would have if you smokes a tobacco plant.


Why is the product called ‘Lu-C”?

The name “Lu-C” is a play on the urban term “loosy” which refers to a single cigarette, which is often purchased at a convenience store, in lieu of the expense of purchasing an entire cigarette pack.  We wanted the name to be relatable to smokers and to reflect the cost savings of using our products.


What is the “shelf life” Lu-C?

As nicotine only exists as salts in our products, the shelf life our our juices are 2 years when stored in a refrigerator.


Does Lu-C contain nicotine precursors?

In a tobacco plant, the nicotine is formed by the natural metabolism of the plant. This process is not a single step, but a number of steps starting from specific compounds and ending with the chemical we know as nicotine, which the plant utilizes as a natural insecticide. Some of these starting compounds, known as “precursors” are known carcinogens and should be avoided, but are intrinsic to the plant and difficult to omit with standard tobacco flavor extraction processes. The Masterblend labs have eliminated nicotine precursors in our formulations, including the tobacco flavors.


Are there more MasterBlend flavors on the way?

The MasterBland labs are obsessed with flavor and are constantly working on new flavors and technology that we can bring to our customers.  Also, we encourage suggestions for new flavors.  Send us your idea and we just might go with it!



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