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First off, we smoke and enjoy what we sell. There are no tobacco or tobacco-derived substances in our Lu-C. It's impossible for us relay the number of happy customers who contact us by saying "wow", or "I've never smoked anything like it" so we thought it would be best to have you tour our labs.

Why our Lu-C is amazing.
In all of nature, every flavor has its own delicate ratio of aromatic constituents that provide taste, aroma and feel experiences. These are the puzzles we work to decode at our MasterBlend labs.
We have invested millions in infrastructure to make the perfect flavors with plant extracts, usually WITHOUT the use of a solvent. Our solventless proprietary extraction technologies extract full spectrum flavors and alkaloids from plants without degradation. Below is a small sample of the infrastructure and technology we own and use inhouse to produce the most flavorful products without the use of harmful solvents.
Our glass lab consists of many pharmaceutical reactors to perform ultra-pure work. We aren't owned by a pharmaceutical company nor are we owned by big-tobacco. This substantial investment and planning came from a burning desire of knowing what's in our products, extracts and plants as we and our families smoke what we sell, so we wanted to be really sure what we are making is the best possible product.
Our 250 gallon Agitated Nutsche Filter: totally automated to extract flavors or add natural flavors from plant sources all over the world.
Our 50 gallon GMP pharmaceutical reactive flavor process is used for synthesis distillation, phase separation and purification with a 20L bulk prefeed reactor.
Another look at the layers of glass in our lab.
The mixing 20L reactor system above feeds the 50 gallon reactor for extractions, synthesis, and purification.
Our 50L GMP pharmaceutical QVF reactor system for bulk flavor blending with Honeywell PLCs, oxygen in N2 analyzers, and other smaller reactors.
Our full analytical “in-house” labs have highly sophisticated instruments, like mass spectrometers, gas chromatographs (with FID, ECD, AED), atomic emission detectors and atomic absorption detection units, which let us analyze items like the ultimate smoking plants and extracts and identify the compounds and molecular structure of flavors. We found that flavors can react to one another in ways that may not have been explored in the past, allowing us to experiment with virtually limitless MasterBlend flavor recipes.
This lab contains a GC-AED with a tandem MS/MS with analysis to 5ppm. On the wall are gas purifiers (getters) to purify helium, nitrogen, hydrogen, and cooling for the analyzers.
Our Auger XPS analyzer.
Our new 300T water cooling system being installed at this time with a 1MBtu hot oil skid to heat large reactors.
Our ultra-clean chillers, water cooling loops, and high pressure nitrogen skids for substantial infrastructure.
Our 200 gallon/hr 45 plate, bubble cap distillation column in its own insulated tower for high volume purifications and separations.
We have a bulk 45CFM 99.999% pure nitrogen generator which provides the plant with a high purity gas. This gas (and many others) are then purified with getters to 99.999999% pure gas as even a ppb (part per billion) impurity or oxidation can be the difference between a great flavor and the ultimate flavors, MasterBlend.
In addition to our analytical laboratory we also have a substantial flavor extraction and synthesis lab. Our equipment includes pharmaceutical reactors, agitated nutsche filters, HPLCs and other major equipment. One thing you can be sure of: we do not use a solvent (other than to use grain-based alcohol in rare occasions) to extract ANY flavor used in our products. We have two facilities with over 60,000 sqft of labs and manufacturing to accomplish MasterBlend. We've invested deeply into providing you the ultimate flavor, aroma, and feel experience.


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