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The taste and feel of our MasterBlends are unlike any non-tobacco smoking experience you have had in the past.  We sought to incorporate all of the best characteristics of traditional smoking and deliver them in one non-tobacco, e-cigarette product – and we’ve succeeded.

A Lu-C MasterBlend e-cigarette draws slow and smooth and is neither too aggressive nor too passive.  It creates a relaxed and satisfying smoking experience with an essence that is fulfilling and enjoyable.  The complexity of our flavor blends allows you to enjoy the consistent Lu-C taste that you will become accustomed to, while also occasionally presenting you with hints of over 200 flavors you may not have noticed in the past.  The secret of the MasterBlends are in their complexity and its essence.

As we mentioned in our story, we searched for these flavors in thousands of plants, leaves, stems and roots, as well as other naturally grown organic flora worldwide.  We spared no expense and sought out the most exotic rare plants and extractions that we believed would help us deliver a superior smoking experience in a "state-of-the-art" e-cigarette.

The MasterBlends are a taste that is unmatched. Complementing the traditional rustic, strong and robust flavor of tobacco should be hints of licorice, chocolate, vanilla, rum, wine, honey, raspberry and hundreds of other flavors.  We focus on each individual ingredient with an unmatched calculation and precision.  Occasionally, we will even improve on nature by re-creating some flavors in our labs in order to isolate the essence from undesirable chemicals that may be found in the natural source.

We sought out the best global locations, the most precise soil conditions and the most beneficial weather to locate and purchase ingredients that could create an essence like no other.  For example, we seek out peppermint that is a hybrid of watermint and spearmint, sourced from the Middle East.  We use hyssop, from a herbaceous plant surrounding the Caspian Sea.  We use styrax, derived from small tree families in Southeast Asia and cardamom, made from seeds imported from India.  These are just several examples of how we scour the globe for the flavors that other manufactures either ignore, or settle on inferior sources. 

Flavor is our passion, and the MasterBlend labs are continually searching for that next great smoke, even if we step “outside the box”.  The result of these efforts are the MasterBlend Limited Edition flavors that we offer for those of you that are looking for even more variety when you smoke.

We know that smokers are skeptical about non-tobacco e-cigarettes, especially when they claim to be “smooth” and so, rather than claiming it, we want smokers to experience it.  When you try it, you will immediately notice that we deliver a unique product whose best characteristics are apparent on the first taste.  It will be clear on your first experience with our MasterBlends that Lu-C is not only a great companion as your rise with your morning coffee, but also a consistent satisfaction that will help guide you through your days and evenings with feelings of tranquility, calmness, warmth and security – all on your own terms.


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