Rolling Flavor

Rolling Flavor
  • Rolling Flavor
  • Rolling Flavor

Rolling Flavor


This unique flavor actually “rolls” through many different non-tobacco flavors as you smoke it; from vanilla to chocolate to cotton candy and a myriad of others.  Made with hundreds of natural extracts, this amazing flavor experience is like no other.  Available with nicotine.

Ingredients in order by weight: Vegetable Glycerin, 1,3 Propanediol, 2% Nicotine, natural and artificial flavors in addition to those discussed above.

* We do NOT use propylene glycol in any of our products.

• Pack of two Lu-C cartomizers
• Double sealed to preserve freshness, with both pharmaceutical packaging and reusable end caps
• Each pack of two cartomizers is equivalent to approximately three packs of cigarettes
• 2% nicotine

• Unique formulation delivers a multifaceted taste experience
• Smoking satisfaction without the airborne pollutants to yellow fingers, yellow teeth and stain the surroundings
• No offensive side-stream smoke to friends and family

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