Why Lu-C?


The ultimate question for the discerning smoker is “Why Lu-C”? 

When we started down the “smoking alternative” path, we looked at the many available options and came to the same conclusion; there is little effort being made to truly re-create a satisfying, tobacco free smoking experience.  Everywhere we looked, we saw gimmicky hardware, kiddie flavors, cheap ingredients and artless chemistry.  All of which seems, to us, to define the current e-cigarette industry as unconcerned with the smoking experience and overly-concerned with high margins and unsophisticated customers. 

At Lu-C, we can’t do things that way.  We believe that the most important thing is the smoking experience.  Our MasterBlend labs have unmatched capabilities and our determination to understand and recreate the complexities of flavor, aroma and “feel” have all come together to produce the MasterBlend non-tobacco smoking experience.

We believe there is nothing even close to our flavors on the market; and when you try them, we think that you will agree.


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